The Installation of Armco Barriers

Protecting Equipment With A Steel Barrier - The Ultimate Guide

So, you’ve made the decision to ensure solid protection from serious impact and collision in your place of work by ordering Armco barrier installation.

In anywhere where it’s important to prevent damage from moving vehicles, whether it’s in a busy warehouse, on a building site, or by the side of a private road, having off-highway galvanised steel Armco barriers in place is a great move.

It doesn’t matter whether the Armco barriers are installed to protect people, equipment or buildings from impact, one thing remains the same, that you’ll get peace of mind in knowing that this solid steel barrier is fully able to do the job it is supposed to do. 

As a result, you’ve made a great step towards ensuring the highest levels of health and safety are observed in your workplace and that huge cost savings could be made, too.

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The Right Decision

There’s no doubt about it. The installation of Armco barriers is a good decision because, not only can it prevent costly damage to equipment, stock, shelving and the structure of a building, but it can protect pedestrians and workers, too. 

The injuries that can be caused by impact with a moving vehicle can be severe – in addition, so can the financial costs to an employer that are associated with a workplace accident. 

The installation of Armco Barriers can help to ensure people only move about in the areas in which they are supposed to – not only reducing the chance of collision, but they are an excellent way to manage social distancing, where required, too.

You could have Armco Barriers delivered to your site in as little as 48-hours. Find out more about Armco Barrier protection, by getting in touch with a member of our team today.

How is an Armco Barrier installed?

One way to have an Armco barrier installed is by getting the professionals in. These are companies experienced in barrier installation who take every necessary step to ensure the barriers are fitted correctly, using all the right equipment, as well as years of experience and know-how. Of course you can install barriers yourself using any competent individual with general construction skills.

As one of Britain’s premium suppliers of Armco crash barrier and other crash barrier products we can offer protection of walls, loading bays, walkways and expensive machinery from the effects that an out of control heavy vehicle, such as a forklift, can cause.

This is, of course, not to mention the fact that, with an Armco barrier in place between pedestrians and moving vehicles, you’ll be helping to ensure the safety of your workforce in the process, too. Learn more here.

You can see the work we’ve done in car parks, warehouses and on private roads all over the UK. And, because we’ve been in the industry for decades, you can feel assured that we only offer the most effective products to the very highest standards (which is why, when it comes to quality, our reputation precedes us).

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Benefits of Excellent Armco Barrier Quality 

The Armco barriers that we provide are of such good quality, that it is possible to install them yourself if you’d prefer to do it this way. The holes are pre-stamped and positioned so the components fit together easily. And we’re always on hand to offer advice where needed.

Armco crash barriers come in a versatile range of applications and the products offer protection at a range of heights. They are also Hot Dip Galvanized to protect from rust, which makes them perfect for use indoors and outdoors,  power coated RAL 1007 yellow is available also as a standard option. They can be bolted down or dug into the ground and customised with handrails to offer support for people where needed.

Here are further details about the two types of Armco Barrier installation: 

  • Dig in: Posts dug into the ground and surrounded  with concrete, these are for when there isn’t a concrete slab available to fix to and the ground is soft
  • Bolt down:  Posts bolted down on to a suitable concrete slab using floor anchor bolts

Armco Direct install Armco Barriers, get in touch today

If you find yourself struggling when installing Armco barriers yourself, help is always at hand by giving one of our friendly and professional team members a call.

And remember, if you want an expert to come and fit your barrier directly, then we can put your in touch with a local company you can employ to carry out the installation.

Ensure the right health and safety requirements are met in your workplace, get in touch for your free quote and 48hrs delivery, or to find out more.