Armco Safety Bollards

Warehouse Safety Bollards In Action

As time moves on and machinery develops, so does the need to offer greater protection against accidents and other kinds of damage through Armco safety bollards.

Whether it’s to protect from criminal acts, such as ram raiding and criminal damage, to safeguard expensive equipment and pedestrians from impact caused by a wayward vehicle, or even to ward off acts of terrorism, there are many situations where safety bollards are used.

At Armco Direct we stock a large range of bollards which offer solid and reliable asset protection for a vast array of premises. You might spot them in shopping areas, in parking lots, outside the front of shops or on building sites.

It could even be that these safety bollards fit into the surroundings so well that you haven’t even noticed them at all. But, while they might look small and inconspicuous, they are made of some hardwearing, sturdy and pretty much unbreakable stuff.

Safety Bollards

Armco safety bollards are often the one thing that stands up against a serious impact from a moving vehicle and prevents it from causing damage to whatever lies behind it.

That’s because they are made from the toughest steel, come at a range of heights to suit the purpose they’re needed for and can be bolted to or dug in to the ground by our highly trained and professional staff.

It’s these different factors that, when combined, make for some excellent asset protection.

Armco safety bollards might be used to protect shutters from would be ram raiders, as well as across forecourts at car dealerships to prevent theft. They can mark out pedestrianised areas, as well as being used to indicate to drivers where they can drive and where is restricted.

The safety bollards are also 100% recyclable – which means added care has been taken towards preserving our environment – something which is vital in this day and age.


When you shop for safety bollards with Armco Direct to protect your premises, equipment or workforce, there are no hard and fast, one size fits all limitations on what you can have.

Our bollards come in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes which will stand up to all kinds of weather conditions, while offering sturdy and solid protection for the purpose it’s intended for.

Choose from the following types of Armco Safety Bollards:

• Retractable bollards
• Stainless steel bollards
• Static bollards

Our retractable bollards will totally restrict access when needed, but are easily taken down when a vehicle, such as a deliveries truck, post van, or other expected large vehicle, needs to get through.

There are our stainless steel bollards which offer a flexible, attractive and low maintenance option for areas where they’re likely to be seen a lot. And they can be fitted as a permanent or temporary installation.

Then there’s the static bollards which are an excellent security measure that can be used both on industrial and commercial premises. They can either be cast into the ground or bolted in and come in a range of sizes, colours and thickness, depending on the use they are needed for.

Industrial Safety bollards

Armco Safety bollards

We realise that often no two situations are the same, which is why, using our highly trained staff and decades of experience in the industry, we always ensure our crash barrier solutions are versatile and up to all kinds of jobs big or small.

Our safety bollards are also finished in the best possible way to withstand whatever conditions are thrown at them and ensure their effectiveness is never compromised.

Clients can rest assured that, with a reputation as one of the very best, when it comes to crash barrier protection and the safety they provide, we are well equipped to serve your asset management needs with innovative crash barrier protection solutions.

This way, if an accident does happen – any resulting losses, injuries, or damage is minimised. And even when it doesn’t, you can still rest assured that your buildings, expensive equipment or personnel are in safe hands.

Our range of Bollards

With our extensive range of products, vast experience in the industry and commitment to building excellent working relationships with our clients, we have developed a strong reputation as one of the nation’s premium suppliers of Armco safety bollards.

And, whatever kind of barrier protection you go for, our highest priority has always been to offer the utmost in levels of safety – as well as the best quality products and customer service.

These kind of safety bollards are specifically designed to offer maximum protection. As a result we have been pleased to work with a large variety of clients, within many different industries.

Bollard Installation

When you’re looking for bollard installation, it always pays to put your asset protection in the best possible hands.

That not only means hardwearing bollards, but ones which are properly installed by either being bolted down or cast firmly into the ground using the best practices and the toughest material – concrete.

Of course, this also means getting in the professionals to make sure the job is done 100% right.


If you like the thought of getting solid protection for members of the public, your employees, expensive equipment or property, by securing access with steel bollards, then have a think about the perfect kind of bollard to suit your needs.

After that, for added peace of mind, get the reassurance that comes with investing in one of our extensive range of Armco safety bollards.

We can offer a proven, environmentally friendly and cost effective solution to your security needs. Feel free to browse our range of products and get in touch with your orders or any questions you may have.

Our team of dedicated asset protection experts are always on hand to offer advice and assistance when deciding what bollards are required for your business.

We aim to guarantee the safety of your products at good value while ensuring you receive the very best service from the start to finish of the project.

So, if you like the look of our bollards, get in touch with us today to find out more.