Protecting Equipment With A Steel Barrier – The Ultimate Guide

Protecting Equipment With A Steel Barrier - The Ultimate Guide

In an industrial environment, such as a warehouse or factory, having a steel barrier installed is not only an excellent way to protect the workforce from injury. 

When accidents occur, for example when a vehicle such as a forklift goes out of control, it can cause catastrophic damage to any equipment, stock or shelving which is nearby. This means not only added cost to your business in replacing what has been damaged, but also production downtime while you wait for the damaged equipment to be repaired or replaced. 

All this can be avoided when a steel barrier is installed to stand in the way of such a collision.

So what is a steel barrier and why is it so effective in preventing collisions and protecting equipment in the workplace

Solid protection as standard

Firstly, our steel Armco barriers are made from 100% recyclable steel and galvanised to the BS EN 1461 standard, making them super strong and able to withstand impact from moving vehicles of all sizes.

Businesses can choose from different types of steel barrier posts and beams, depending on the type of collision which could occur. 

There are two types of metal post available – the RSJ post and the Z post. The RSJ is heavy duty and can stop an impact dead, which makes it perfect for slow moving vehicles that can be stopped in their tracks with minimal damage caused. The Z post is less popular and buckles under impact, which makes it better suited to higher speed impacts.

There are two types of steel barrier beam to choose from:

  • Standard 3.2m effective beam (the most popular type and an Armco standard). 
  • 2.4m box beam (an even stronger option, which is more likely to be used to protect an out of control vehicle from crashing into something more hazardous).

Where to install your steel barrier

A steel barrier can be installed in the workplace where vehicles and workers move closely around each other. Not only will this be an effective step towards improving workplace safety and protecting equipment, but steel barriers can clearly mark out where people can and can’t go. As the workforce returns after the COVID pandemic, this can also be handy for helping to ensure social distancing, as well as safety. 

Steel barriers can be installed to protect doorways and walls, as well as stock, equipment and shelving. This way you can be sure that the structure of your building is protected, as well as what’s inside it.

The presence of a steel barrier is not only for taking the brunt of an impact and protecting what lies behind it, either.  Our steel barriers can be powder coated to offer a highly visible deterrent that stops the collision from occurring in the first place.

If you’re looking to improve the safety measures in your workplace and protect your stock and equipment, get in touch with us for a FREE quote and, if you’re in a hurry, you can benefit from 48-hour delivery, too.

Use our Armco Barrier calculator

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