The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Crash Barriers

The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Crash Barriers

A loading bay is an area that sees the frequent movement of both vehicles and pedestrians, which is why installing vehicle crash barriers is such an important part of keeping the area safe and minimising damage. 

In a loading dock it’s common to see heavy vehicles, such as forklifts and lorries, moving among workers who are aiming to load and unload goods, so, in order to ensure their safety, vehicle crash barriers can define specific areas to determine where vehicles can go. 

While there are several safety hazards to be considered when carrying out a loading bay risk assessment, such as greasy/wet floors, lack of space, drive away, vehicle creep and falling objects, the installation of highly visible vehicle crash barriers is an effective solution to help reduce the risk of accidents and injury. 

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What are vehicle crash barriers? 

Vehicle crash barriers, or Armco barriers, are used in all kinds of scenarios, from forklift protection in warehouses and factories, to construction sites, farming industries, racing tracks, and of course loading bays.  

These vehicle crash barriers are made of sturdy corrugated steel which offers solid protection against the damage that a wayward heavy vehicle can cause, both to pedestrians and buildings or expensive equipment. 

At Armco Direct, our vehicle crash barriers are all galvanised to BS EN 1461 standards, are made from 100% recyclable steel and are secured firmly in place using ETA approved floor anchors. 

In addition, we like to keep our Armco Barrier prices among the most competitive in the UK and they come with an 85 year lifetime guarantee. So, you’ll have the peace of mind that they will  help maximise the safety of a loading bay for many years to come. 

How do they stop damage? 

Vehicle crash barriers, such as the ones provided by us at Armco Direct, are highly effective,  because they stop out of control vehicles in their tracks. Their very nature makes them a formidable solution to help any vehicle from getting through and causing damage on the other side of the barrier. 

You might be concerned that the installation of vehicle crash barriers is an expense which you  just can’t afford, however, the cost to replace stock, machinery, shelving, doorways and walls  which are damaged in a collision can be considerably more. That’s not to mention the potential  costs involved when a worker is injured in the workplace. 

The installation of vehicle crash barriers, not only stops damage from occurring, but it can save  businesses thousands of pounds in damage repair.  

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Why are vehicle crash barriers necessary? 

We talked earlier about maximising safety and lowering risk of damage through the installation of vehicle crash barriers in a loading bay, but why are they so necessary? 

In addition to protecting against the damage caused by a collision with a moving heavy vehicle,  crash barriers can also protect against the likelihood of falls. 

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), where there is a danger of people falling off platforms or bays in loading areas, you may need to fence the platforms or bays. Ways to do this include, secure guardrails (designed so that goods can be passed safely over or under them). 

Vehicle crash barriers are also highly visible which makes them easy to see when a vehicle is reversing into a loading bay – again making it clear where it can and can’t go. 

The several types of vehicle crash barriers  

We provide several different types of vehicle crash barrier at Armco Direct. They come in a  variety of different shapes, heights and sizes in order to perfectly suit the application which they are being used for, whether that’s shelving, doorway or column protection, or to separate vehicles and pedestrians.  

There are two types of Armco Barrier – firstly an RSJ, which is heavy duty, popular in warehouses and better for slow speed impacts Then there is the Armco Z post, which is lighter, and buckles under impact to spread the effect of a collision. 

Choose from the following when deciding on your vehicle crash barriers: 

To calculate the requirements for your individual project, try out our free online Armco Barrier Calculator and find out what you need in a matter of seconds. 

Where can you get vehicle crash barriers? 

At Armco Direct we are pleased to provide vehicle crash barriers for a range of workplaces,  projects and requirements.  

Installation of these barriers means peace of mind that a business is protected from potential safety violations and has a reduced liability risk – while, of course, protecting the workforce and expensive goods or equipment at the same time. 

Use our Armco Barrier calculator 

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