The Ultimate Guide to Armco Barrier Posts

Z 100 x 50 Bolt Down GalvanisedA

Armco barrier posts are used in a whole manner of industrial situations to ensure solid protection against the damage that can be caused by an out of control vehicle. 

Made of solid galvanised steel, Armco barriers can be installed in warehouses, car parks, construction sites and other areas where vehicles move around freely.  They are held firmly in place by Armco barrier posts which can be either bolted down or dug into the ground.

The Armco barrier posts which we supply are galvanised to BS EN 1461 standards which means they remain strong, even in the harshest of environments. They also come with an 85-year lifetime guarantee which offers the reassurance that the investment you make will provide the highest levels of protection for many years to come. 

Designed to stop an out of control vehicle, such as a forklift truck, in its tracks, they can be used for all kinds of protection, whether it’s traffic segregation, to protect workforces, stock, shelving, expensive machinery or equipment. Additionally, they can help protect walls and doorways from the levels of impact which might compromise the integrity of a structure. 

A Range Of Choice

There are several different types of barrier posts you can choose from, but firstly, it’s important to consider how they will be fixed to the ground to give the most solid foundation: 

  • Dig in posts are used where a concrete foundation is required (usually in areas of soft ground, stone or tarmac).
  • Bolt down posts are used where a concrete slab is available to fix them to, for example in service yards, warehouses, or car parks.

There are three main types of Armco Barrier posts – Z posts, RSJ posts and spring steel posts  which are all available in both dig in and bolt down versions. They can be powder coated to offer higher visibility, which might deter vehicles from causing an impact in the first place – and they can be delivered to site within 48 hours. 

You’ll find a bit more detail about the different types of barrier below: 

  • Z posts are lightweight and a budget option, they are know as a sacrificial post and on heavy impact will deform along the run of posts like a domino effect.
  • RSJ posts are heavy duty and on impact will resist deforming, transferring the impact load through to the post foundation or floor anchor bolts. RSJ posts are also available in a “shock” version which allows the posts to absorb any impact.
  • Spring steel posts deform on impact and then return to their original state, assuming the impact is not too excessive.

Once you know what type of Armco barrier post will be the right one for your requirements, then it’s time to work out the amount you’ll need. Our innovative calculator tool will help you find the exact list of products you require for your project in seconds.

Use our Armco Barrier calculator

For expert advice on the correct posts for your project, contact the team at Armco Direct. 

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