Maximising Workplace Safety with Warehouse Barriers and Forklift Protection

Picture of Inside of a Warehouse

When it comes to protecting people and expensive equipment, (not to mention the importance of warehouse safety barriers), the risks can never be underestimated or taken lightly.

Often the reasons behind accidents and collisions which occur in a warehouse, or similar environment, are down to lack of risk awareness and wayward vehicles straying into places where they shouldn’t be. And this can happen because inadequate protection or advice is in place to stop it happening.

According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), every year, there are over 5000 accidents involving transport in the workplace. About 50 of these result in fatalities.

The main causes of injury are people falling off vehicles, or being struck or crushed by them.

As well as protecting workers, it’s also important to bear in mind public access to your site. If people can wander on to it and are unfamiliar with the workplace, they should be kept away from any potential dangers.

Employers and contractors have duties under health and safety law to protect anyone who might be present. As such, the HSE advise that suitable traffic management arrangements should be made to:

  • Control pedestrian access;
  • Separate people from vehicles;
  • Control vehicle movements;
  • Monitor activities on-site.

Advice surrounding this includes noting the skill levels of people who drive the heavy machinery and providing them with information which enables a good understanding of vehicle and pedestrian routes and the risks involved.

Also, having warehouse safety barriers installed in and around an area where heavy machinery such as forklifts are used, is an excellent move to pre-empt those times when accidents do happen.

Forklift Protection Barriers

Having forklift protection installed, such as warehouse barriers to clearly define areas where heavy machinery is allowed, shows you have taken responsible action to minimise the chance of any accidents or damage occurring.

At Armco Direct, our crash barriers are galvanised to BS EN 1461 and made from 100% recyclable steel.

And, because we all know that budgets are often tight, they come in an array of sizes at the very best possible prices. When you’re on the lookout for forklift protection, you can choose from the following:

  • Bolt down shock absorbing single crash barrier posts
  • Bolt down single crash barriers (some with an extension for hand rail)
  • Bolt down spring steel single crash barrier posts
  • Cast in single crash barrier posts
  • Cast in double crash barrier posts
  • Long crash barrier post with handrail extension

Controlling pedestrian access in warehouses

Warehouse safety barriers provide maximum safety measures, offering vital protection, amongst many other benefits, for your employees. Since pedestrian safety is another major priority in the workplace, safety barriers are also great for helping to control pedestrian access in the warehouse.

Warehouses, industrial factories and other worksites and environments are notoriously dangerous places that have many risks, especially if you’re not qualified to be there. You don’t want pedestrians or individuals who aren’t supposed to be there entering your site. Ensuring pedestrian access is restricted in your warehouse is a priority you need to guarantee the highest levels of safety and avoid any issues, fines and penalties.

A conspicuous and noticeable safety barrier system ensures that pedestrians are aware that entrance to the premises is prohibited. Barriers will prevent pedestrians from accessing your warehouse, although they can still be bypassed to gain access to the premises. That said, not only do warehouse safety barriers act as a deterrent for bypassing, but they are also a clear sign that access is restricted to the site so if anyone was to access your site, it won’t be your fault.

Protective barriers are there to protect pedestrians from the risk that comes with passing by or being around your high-risk workplace. Informing pedestrians that the site is restricted prevents them from entering and becoming at risk of injury from any equipment, vehicles or fragile machinery, while it also prevents them from the risk of vehicles that could be pulled out of the area. Find out more how bollards protect from damage and injury.

For more information on how Armco barriers can be installed to protect pedestrians in high-risk areas, check out the latest from our blog here.

Separating people from vehicles in warehouses

Among the greatest risks to pedestrians when they enter or pass by your workplace or warehouse is from moving vehicles. Industry-grade barriers help to minimise and prevent this risk. 

At Armco, we provide a wide range of barriers to help high-risk worksites operate without worry of such vehicle-related incidents. Our 3.2mm Effective Yellow Beam is particularly suitable for its high visibility and weather-resistant coating.  

An effective safety barrier is a physical and visible barrier that is intended to minimise the danger of a vehicle collision causing injury to a worker or pedestrian. An individual barrier establishes a safe zone and prevents any costly accidents, such as damage to infrastructure from vehicle collisions, from taking place. 

If you need a high-quality, effective solution for your workplace, our range of safety barriers is designed to suit a variety of sites and premises. Collision protection bars reduce collision risks and increase your all-around protection, as well as offer protection for pedestrians working.

Controlling vehicle movements in warehouses

Collisions with moving vehicles are among the most common causes of work and warehouse-related freak accidents, particularly in a busy construction zone or worksite. That’s why you need warehouse safety barriers to protect workers and equipment from vehicular impact, as well as reduce the risk of damage to vehicles themselves. 

Effective crash barriers in the workplace also have the added benefit of providing a one-way system, preventing huge groups of individuals from congregating. At Armco Direct, our high-security barrier systems are available in a variety of forms and sizes, depending on your requirements.

Whether you work on a construction site, warehouse environment or power plant, work sites are hazardous environments that have many large and heavy vehicles that are always extremely risky and a danger to both workers and pedestrians near the busy environment

We build and manufacture strong and concrete barriers that aid in preventing any industrial accidents in a number of ways, including ensuring clear lanes for both pedestrians and commercial vehicles in crowded loading docks and busy areas.

Our barriers provide warehouse protection, rack protection and angle protection.

  • Manufactured to comply with UK safety standards
  • 100% recycled galvanised steel (BS EN 1461)
  • 85-year life expectancy
  • Fast 48-hour delivery pledge 
  • Online parts list in minutes using our Armco Barrier Calculator

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Managing loading bay use in warehouses

Loading and unloading can be a huge risk because heavy machinery and equipment can cause damage to assets or injury. Working at height, moving or overturning industrial vehicles, and heavy alternative load shifting equipment all result in fork damage, injury or even death. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that you manage loading bay use in the warehouse. 

Of course, your loading bay equipment is built for highly specific uses and, as a result, it is likely rather expensive equipment. A protective barrier should be placed around your loading bay and electrical equipment to ensure that it is not left vulnerable to vehicles moving around your worksite premises, while also ensuring contact between your hazardous equipment and vehicles is avoided. Accidents do happen, after all.

At Armco Direct, we provide effective barriers that are low-cost and can be used to provide safe movement around loading platforms to avoid concrete damage or injury during the loading process. 

Using our tried-and-tested physical barriers to mark out the edges of loading bays, the service yard’s margins, any designated pedestrian zones and surrounding buildings, you can fully ensure that your service yard is safe and that any excessive damage caused by workplace accidents or collisions will be reduced. We ensure that any disruption for equipment repairs is avoided. 

Traffic management

Barriers for warehouse environments are key to helping prevent traffic around your premises. You should have barriers in your traffic management plan since they can guard against traffic. 

Heavy forklift traffic is common, but the impact from traffic can be reduced with the right barriers set up with essential safety equipment. 

Foot traffic can also be moved away from your site with warehouse safety barriers.

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With safety at the forefront of every product we sell and service we provide, you can be sure that your warehouse is in safe hands with Armco Direct. And once you’ve established the risks involved, chances are you’ll want your warehouse safety barriers and forklift protection in place as soon as possible.

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