Why Are They Called Armco Barriers?

Why are they called Armco Barriers

What do an Armco Barrier, a Jacuzzi and a Hoover have in common? Not much, you might think, but actually they are all brand names which have become used as a generic word to describe products of their type. 

For example, you might say you’re going to buy a hoover (as opposed to a vacuum cleaner) – this doesn’t necessarily mean you are planning to buy a product from the Hoover brand. In some cases these brand names have even become a verb – for example, ‘I am hoovering the carpet’. Again this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re using a Hoover product to do it.

In the same way, Armco Barrier is a generic term used mainly in America that is synonymous with steel traffic/crash barriers which are made to the highest safety standards. 

Steeped in history 

The history of the Armco Barrier is one to be proud of. The term began life as a company name over 100 years ago when the American Rolling Mill Company (ARMCO) was formed as a steel production facility in Middletown, Ohio.

From the initial establishment of the ARMCO company in 1899, it expanded over the years, going on to produce steel safety barriers and establish itself in countries all over Europe, including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

In 1986 the European branches decided to jointly operate under the name ARMCO Specialty Steels Europe. Then in 1999, the parent company of these subsidiaries, ARMCO Inc. merged with AK Steel Corp, Middletown, Ohio. Through this merger the company name ARMCO was changed to AK Steel, yet, the Armco Barrier name remained as an industry standard term to describe high quality corrugated steel barriers.

The highest standards 

The steel barriers produced by ARMCO were highly regarded for their excellent quality and strength for many years. This is why products which meet the standards of an Armco steel barrier are still found across the world, offering excellent protection and increased safety in situations involving fast moving vehicles.

Whether at the side of a Formula One race track, lining countless roads, protecting pedestrianised areas, or offering safety in car parks and construction sites, Armco barriers are made to the highest possible standards, with a large focus on safety and quality.

How they’ve helped guarantee safety

Armco barriers have saved lives the world over, most notably in motorsport, with racing icons, such as Jackie Stewart noting how vital they are for protecting drivers and spectators alike. Crash barriers appear at the most dangerous sections of all the major race circuits in addition to preventing collisions from taking place on the road. They are also used to protect the following: 

  • Workforces
  • Pedestrians 
  • Livestock 
  • Expensive Machinery
  • Buildings
  • Stock and Shelving 

Armco barriers are also highly versatile as they come in a range of heights and sizes to suit the nature in which they are being used. 

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