Should You Invest In Lorry Barriers?

Concrete Barriers

Following recent events all over the world, we’re all well aware of the complete destruction that a wayward vehicle, such as a lorry, can cause – and the resulting need for lorry barriers to be installed in places where the risk is high. 

When a lorry or heavy vehicle is used for criminal purposes, such as ram-raiding or to cause harm, the damage to people, buildings and businesses can be catastrophic. 

There are also times when a collision with a wayward vehicle is not intentional, but human error still means that expensive damage is caused in areas such as warehouses, loading bays and construction sites. 

What are lorry barriers?

It’s to prevent situations like these from occurring that heavy-duty lorry barriers are put in place. These barriers can take the form of corrugated steel Armco crash barriers or solid concrete barriers and they offer complete protection against the damage that a wayward lorry or other heavy vehicles could cause. 

Lorry barriers can be installed in a variety of different applications, outside of the traditional motorway safety use. Areas include:

  • Car parks
  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses
  • To separate pedestrians and road traffic
  • Major events
  • Outside shops
  • Farmland
  • Vacant pieces of land (to prevent unauthorised access)

Should you make the investment?

There might be many reasons why it makes sense to invest in lorry barriers, depending on your industry, but essentially their main function is to stop a lorry from going into an area where it shouldn’t be, whether intentional or not. 

When an out of control vehicle collides with a building, pedestrians, machinery, shelving, racking, or anything else which needs to be protected from harm, the cost of the damage can be vast. When it’s human lives that you’re not adequately protecting, the cost to repair that damage can be priceless. 

Investing in lorry barriers means that all the worry of a collision is taken away. A vital level of reassurance for business owners and health and safety professionals alike.

Types of lorry barriers

Concrete barriers come in all shapes and sizes. At Armco Direct, we stock the following:

Jersey Barrier – Double Female

Jersey Barrier – Double Male

Security Block 2000kg

Tank Trap Pyramid Block 2500kg

TVCB – Standard Unit – V28

Stainless steel Armco crash barriers, installed at the correct height, will also offer maximum protection. For example, the 760mm high barriers can be used to protect against impact from HGVs, in places such as lorry yards and other areas where there are big vehicles.
Simple Lorry Barrier Calculator

Using our online nonsense free Armco Barrier Calculator, you can find out exactly what type of lorry barrier protection you need for your project in a matter of seconds.

We have provided Armco barrier protection across the UK for many years and our team has extensive knowledge of the industry and the benefits that lorry barriers can offer for all manner of industrial purposes. 

We also offer fast delivery across the UK of BS EN rated products that come with a lifetime guarantee. Call the team at Armco Direct today to find out more about the installation of lorry barriers.