Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers For Sale

Concrete Barriers

Whether a temporary, or permanent solution, concrete barriers are highly effective in preventing vehicular access in a whole manner of situations. Their uses can range from the protection of commercial premises and pedestrianised areas, to controlling the flow of traffic and restricting access to building sites and vacant land.

Not only do large vertical concrete barriers act as a highly visible deterrent, but their considerable weight and strength prevents even the heaviest of moving vehicles from getting through, while the chances of shifting concrete barriers out of the way are near on impossible without specialist equipment. Learn more about their uses here.

Concrete barriers come in all shapes and sizes. At Armco Direct, we stock the following:

  • Jersey Barrier – Double Female
  • Jersey Barrier – Double Male
  • Security Block 2000kg
  • Tank Trap Pyramid Block 2500kg
  • TVCB – Standard Unit – V28

Where are Temporary Concrete Vehicle Barriers (TCVB) used?

Temporary Concrete Vertical Barriers can be erected quickly in areas where access needs to be restricted temporarily, in order to create a safe working area and prevent unauthorised access.

They may be required on a construction site, for example. Once construction is complete and work is no longer taking place, these pre-cast concrete barriers can be removed to allow access once more.

There might be a situation where concrete barriers are needed temporarily to create designated areas for traffic and pedestrians at a major event, such as a festival or concert. They can also be put in place when an area of land is considered particularly dangerous and it’s important to prevent trespassing.

Solid concrete protection

All Temporary Concrete Vertical Barriers for sale from Armco Direct are manufactured using high strength (50N/mm²) concrete and weigh approximately 2,500kg. They are connected together at the scarf joint by M24 threaded sockets and are constructed to the following specifications:

  • Overall Length (mm) – 3150
  • Modular Length (mm) – 3000
  • Width (mm) – 450
  • Height (mm) – 800
  • Weight (kg) – 2500

The benefits of using temporary vertical concrete barriers

Benefits of temporary vertical concrete barriers include reduction of the likelihood of acts of terrorism, preventing fly tipping, criminal damage and all sorts of anti social behaviour.

In addition to protecting buildings, construction sites, monuments and pieces of land, temporary concrete barriers ensure traffic is directed away from pedestrians and as such, help to prevent accident, injury and fatalities.

Concrete barriers are robust, to enable them to confidently withstand all kinds of weather conditions, while being designed with a visible, pre-cast arrow so that they can be used to direct road users, in addition to protecting pedestrians.

Barriers can also be fully customised to allow for high visibility and aesthetic appeal, when it’s important for them to be clearly seen or to blend in with their surroundings, because they’re installed in a commercial situation and are in public view, for example.

Being made of heavy duty concrete, the high durability means concrete barriers will remain effective for as long as you need them, making it a cost-effective option for long term use. And these temporary vertical concrete barriers also comply with the Highways Agency and Safety Executive’s specified standards.

To find out more about our temporary vertical concrete barriers for sale, get in touch with a member of the Armco Direct team today.