6 mistakes to avoid when buying Armco Barriers

Armco Crash Barrier Full Product Photo

Armco barriers are specifically designed to protect buildings, expensive machinery and, perhaps most importantly, to keep workers and members of the public safe from collision with a moving vehicle.

Our range of crash barriers, bollards, column and conveyor belt protection products are made from the toughest corrugated steel to ensure nothing – from wayward cars to forklift trucks – can get to any areas where they’re not supposed to be.

The safety barriers can be found in warehouses, at the front of shops, surrounding important buildings, pedestrianised areas and monuments, or they can be used to offer private road benefits with regard to added levels of road safety.

But, as with anything, when you’re choosing the right Armco barriers for your specific need, it’s important to make the right choice from the start. This way you can have peace of mind and reassurance that, should a vehicle collide with the barrier, it’s going nowhere fast.

Mistakes not to make when buying safety barriers

To help you find the Armco crash barrier that will work for you, we have created a list of six mistakes to avoid when buying Armco barriers:

  • Choosing the wrong supplier. Always find a company which has plenty of experience in their field, not to mention a good reputation. The last thing you want to risk is having products which are poor quality, come with a poor service and staff which are not experienced enough with the equipment.
  • Having no understanding of what you are protecting against. Stopping a truck is different from stopping a car, so, before purchasing your safety barriers, do a risk assessment and consider the variables involved, such as spacing, whether you need single or double beam and the floor anchors required.
  • Not considering whether safety bollards would be more suitable – these can be much more effective than barriers in certain situations.
  • Not having the right measurements. Again, this comes down to carrying out a risk assessment before you consider the options and buy your product. Double check what the dimensions are and make sure you accommodate for irregular shapes, otherwise things could become more costly further down the line.
  • Not checking the lead times. How soon do you need your product by and can your supplier commit to your deadlines? Contractor delays can be expensive, not to mention jeopardise safety in the period of time before the protection is installed. Armco Direct customers benefit from the fact that we hold products in stock which makes us faster than our competitors.
  • Not ensuring that all the materials are galvanised. Rust and other kinds of corrosion can mean equipment will not work as effectively and need replacing sooner. Check your products are galvanised to protect against corrosion. At Armco Direct we even galvanise the fixings to ensure they do not rust and compromise the safety of the overall product. This offers, not only added peace of mind, but a more long term benefit to our customers. It’s a corner which some competitors might cut to enable them to knock their price down, but in the long term, we believe this can in fact prove more costly.

Get the right Armco barrier protection for you

With our handy online calculator, you can quickly estimate how many Armco posts, beams, bolts and accessories you need for the job and have a quote within minutes. Or, for further information and advice, get in touch with a member of our team.