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What are road safety barriers?

Road safety barriers or car crash barriers do what they say on the tin! They protect road users from hazards in the event of a car crash or road collision by providing a hard stopping point for any vehicles that go off course.

They are often found on major roads and by roadsides, but they actually also have lots of other uses! Private companies with their own roads or driving spaces also need car crash barriers and road safety barriers to protect drivers, pedestrians, other road users, buildings and equipment in the event of a collision.

Road safety barriers and car crash barriers can be found in all kinds of private facilities, including:

  • Car parks and multi-storey car parks
  • Industrial estates and service yards
  • Test drive facilities and tracks in car dealerships
  • Distribution and delivery centres
  • Driving test centres
  • Warehouses
  • Construction sites
  • Large industrial plants
  • Airport terminals, bus stations and other transportation hubs
  • Petrol stations
  • Race tracks
  • Factories and industrial plants
  • Farms and agricultural centres
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What are road safety barriers?

How are crash barriers made?

There are many different types of barriers that can be used as a car crash barrier, including Armco safety barriers, but also other barrier products like concrete barriers, steel barriers, water-filled barriers and more.

You’ll be able to recognise Armco-type corrugated crash barriers from their signature “extended s- shape” – Armco barrier systems are made in this specific shape because they are impact protection barriers. The corrugated steel means Armco barriers are very flexible barriers, and will crumple and bend in the event of a crash or a collision. This helps to make them as safe as possible for drivers and any pedestrians in the vicinity of a crash (this flexibility also means Armco barriers are very unlikely to snap or cause pieces of sharp metal to fly out of the collision site).

At Armco Direct, all of our barriers and components are made from BS EN 1461 galvanised steel.

They are therefore some of the highest-quality barriers on the market, and will last for an estimated 85 years before needing to be replaced due to regular wear and tear!

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How do Crash Barriers Work?

As we’ve mentioned, Armco barriers make very effective car crash barriers due to their flexibility and their ability to “crumple” rather than to stop a vehicle dead in its tracks. As well as protecting passers-by and nearby buildings, equipment and facilities, this also helps protect drivers as it reduces the impact of the crash on the vehicle, and therefore the vehicle operator too.

Crash barriers absorb energy by allowing the vehicle to continue moving just a tiny bit, rather than stopping it instantly like a tree or wall might.

This is much safer for drivers as it means the barrier crumples instead of the cab of the vehicle. Drivers are protected from the impact of the crash and also from the dangers the vehicle being crushed can have.

Crash barriers and Armco barriers can also slow down and redirect car crashes which also improves safety for drivers and other road users. They do this by running parallel to the roadside they protect, which means that if a vehicle swerves off course they’ll be slowed by hitting the barrier side on before coming to a stop, rather than completely stopped by hitting it head-on. Vehicle impact barriers also help to redirect vehicles to a safer place to stop if they do collide side-on.

Areas with off-road hazards like ditches, steep drops, buildings, trees, other roads, equipment storage, utilities infrastructure (such as gas, water or electricity) should be protected by roadside barriers like Armco crash barriers.

Vehicles can then be stopped before they reach any hazards or directed to a safer place to stop and get assistance.

Why Choose Armco Barriers for your Car Crash Barrier Needs?

When choosing a vehicle impact barrier, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. Armco barriers make excellent car crash barriers for a range of reasons:

  • Armco barriers are exceptionally safe – their unique shape and the flexible properties of the barrier steel offers strong protection without compromising on safety.
  • They’re affordable – As well as being a great value solution in the first instance, Armco barriers come in a sectional design, which means they’re also cheap to replace. If there is a crash or collision, only the damaged section of the barrier needs to be replaced, rather than a full barrier replacement, which (particularly on larger sites) can cost thousands of pounds in some instances!
  • They’re easy to use – As they are so affordable and utilise a modular design, it’s very easy to set up and install Armco barriers, even in large areas or in longer lengths. We can also help you choose the right corner pieces for your project too, so it’s simple to protect even oddly shaped yards, roads or structures. Corner pieces also have the exact same installation process as straight beams, making the installation process a breeze.
  • Armco barriers are durable and long lasting – all of our barriers and barrier components are made from BS EN 1461 galvanised steel which is estimated to last for 85 years before needing to be replaced due to wear and tear.
  • Armco crash barrier dig-in posts or bolt-down posts can both be used to anchor and secure your barrier. Dig-in posts are better for use on surfaces such as tarmac or unsurfaced areas, while bolt-down posts should be used if you’re installing your barriers on concrete floors.
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Working with Armco Direct

Having specialised in the Armco barrier sector for many years, we understand the needs of our customers and are passionate about providing excellent service and quality products. If you’re unsure what you need we can assist you with your next Armco barrier project. You can contact our friendly team by simply using the barrier calculator on our website or by contacting us through our contact form. Within a few hours of receiving your initial requirements, we will offer you a free quote.

With Armco Direct, we offer a 30-day guarantee on your first quote – if your requirements haven’t changed, you’ll always get the same quote, up to a month from the date of your first enquiry. We also offer a 48-day delivery guarantee for all of England and Wales so you can get started with your project fast!

To find out more or to get started today, fill out our online calculator or get in touch with our team – we’re always happy to help you and can offer lots of advice on choosing the right car crash barriers for you!