Pallet Racking Protection Barriers


In a warehouse environment it can be common for accidents and damage to occur as a result of a collision with a wayward vehicle, such as a forklift, that has gone out of control. In our latest blog, read more about why pallet racking protection barriers, in particular, are so vital.

Warehouses are normally busy and hazardous places where many vehicles, pedestrians and a lot of equipment and stock might be present at any one time. As such, it’s important to mark out what can go where and put deterrents in place to reduce the likelihood of collision, damage and resultant cost.

Many warehouse managers know that it’s a sensible idea to install warehouse safety barriers in a fast moving warehouse and lower the chances of costly damage to shelving, racking, machinery and equipment.

Make warehouses safer by installing pallet racking protection barriers

Warehouse racking is an excellent way to maximise space, by offering the ability to store high volumes of goods in a small area. As such this important racking must be protected.

Pallet racking protection barriers are an excellent way to prevent damage from a collision and protect the health and safety of warehouse staff, should any of the racking or equipment fall when that collision takes place.

Made of heavy duty, corrugated steel, pallet racking protection barriers offer a non intrusive and simple, yet solid, highly visible, solution which will help protect racks, not only from damage, but also from everyday wear and tear, scuffs and scrapes.

They can lower the chance of a racking system collapse which might lead to injury and fatalities, as well as the costly loss of stock. Even pipes and cables can be protected from the damage that can be caused.

In addition, column protectors are available, which prevent an out of control vehicle from colliding with a supporting column which is part of the structure of the building and may compromise its safety and integrity.

The construction of pallet racking protection barriers

At Armco Direct, our pallet racking protection barriers are galvanised to BS EN 1461 and made from 100% recyclable steel. They are constructed specifically to deflect wayward vehicles, staying firmly in place to protect the racking system that lies behind them.

They are ideal for use in areas where there are a lot of forklifts moving near to the racking, can ward off close calls, stand firm against collision and they come in high and low level risk options.

Pallet racking protection barriers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes too, all of which are designed to be clearly seen from some distance away.

This means that even a collision becomes unlikely, because they act as a highly visible deterrent to vehicle drivers, as well as offering solid and sturdy protection should impact occur.

Work Out Your Protection Barrier Requirements With Our Free Calculator

If you are looking to install warehouse pallet racking protection barriers, calculating exactly what you need for the job has never been easier, thanks to our free online calculator.

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Why Are Pallet Racking Protection Barriers Needed?

As we have mentioned before, warehouse racking boasts a whole host of benefits. But, it also comes with its fair share of risks and hazards – especially when you take into account all the moving parts, such as equipment, stock, staff, pedestrians, machinery, and forklift trucks.

There are several reasons why pallet racking protection barriers are needed, including, but not limited to, the following examples:

  • Though a forklift operator will do everything they can to avoid any problems, accidental fork truck damage is inevitable. Collisions between forklift trucks are always a risk. By acting as a physical boundary around the racking, pallet racking protection barriers protect warehouse racking from being hit directly by rogue forklifts. Learn more on vehicle crash barriers.
  • Depending on the height or length of the forklift mast, a forklift operator might have to get very close to racking in order to offload their pallets. However, pallet racking protection barriers prevent any lifting machinery from getting so close to the structure that something might get knocked.
  • Similarly, pallet racking protection barriers operate as a form of pedestrian barrier, preventing staff from getting too close to dangerous or hazardous areas of the warehouse.
  • Pallet racking protection barriers are also a form of workplace safety barrier. They improve the health and safety of the building by reducing the risk of catastrophic damage. This is because they reduce the likelihood of equipment falling from the racking – or the racking itself falling, for that matter – in the unfortunate event of a collision. Learn more here.
  • They are a visual barrier, clearly outlining the boundaries of the racking, and denoting where staff can walk or drive safely.

Why Armco Barriers Are the Right Option for Pallet Racking Protection

At Armco Direct, our Armco barriers are designed to withstand impact. Instead of breaking, they can absorb the impact effectively and deflect any vehicles away from the racking system it is protecting.

Our Armco barriers are made from heavy-duty corrugated steel and are designed to bend, twist, or crumple upon impact. You can read our barrier physics blog – or, a quick summary is as follows.

By bending not breaking, the g-force in the vehicle is reduced. The vehicle will not come to an instant stop – it will almost be quickly cradled into being stationary. Think of the way a cricketer catches a ball, for example.

The energy is then dispersed across the barrier as a whole. As there is no single impact point, this reduces any physical strain, and thus reduces the risk of the barrier breaking and producing any dangerous debris in the process.

Armco Barriers Are Durable and Safe

At Armco Direct, you can rest assured that your pallet racking protection barriers are as durable and safe as can be. All our products are manufactured to UK safety standards using 100% recyclable steel and galvanised to standards set out in BS EN 1461.

As such, our pallet racking protection barriers – as with all our galvanised steel protective products – have a life expectancy of 85 years. This means that you can have peace of mind that you won’t have to replace your protection barriers or protection products any time soon.

There are also a few additional items to the barrier kit that can protect both people and your safety barriers themselves from accidental, structural and collision damage – such as unnecessary damage from vehicles, accidental traffic damage, and forklift truck impacts – further increasing the safety and durability of your pallet racking protection barriers.

Guard barrier protection available for rack barriers includes:

  • Real-time damage detection
  • Column guards
  • Upright protectors (including hi-vis upright protectors for additional visibility)
  • Heavy-duty pallet racking protectors (for workplaces using dangerous, heavy-duty equipment)
  • Leg protectors
  • Adjustable protectors
  • Aisle protectors
  • Angle protectors
  • Corner protectors

You can find a full list of our pallet racking protection barrier accessories here.

You might also consider machine guards for any additional lifting equipment to further protect warehouse racking and workers alike from unpredictable forklift truck movement.

The Flexibility of Armco Barriers

Armco barriers are a modular solution to pallet racking protection barriers. This allows you to accurately calculate the number of drop-in beam fittings, key clamp fittings, and bolts per column guard you might need.

Each ‘module’ or part that you purchase will have installation holes and advice on fitting depending on the key clamps fittings, barrier type, and form of column guards chosen.

This allows for utmost flexibility in designing, purchasing, and installing your pallet racking protection barriers, ensuring that you have exactly what you need when you need it – not too much, and not too little.

For more information on our modular Armco barriers, and whether this will work for your off-highway application, simply get in touch to discuss your needs with a member of our expert team.

An Affordable Option for Pallet Racking Protection

Due to their flexibility and our innovative modular approach to Armco barriers, our high-quality range of barriers are an affordable way to source pallet racking protection barriers.

With Armco Direct, you can rest assured that you will never have to worry about accidentally ordering too much, or being limited by preset requirements. You only need to order exactly how much you need – and that’s all you will have to pay for.

Despite our low prices, we never compromise on quality. But you don’t have to take our word for it – it’s reflected in our 5* Google rating, which we have proudly maintained for over 12 years.

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Starting Your Security Barrier Project with Armco Direct

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