Pallet Racking Protection Barriers


In a warehouse environment it can be common for accidents and damage to occur as a result of a collision with a wayward vehicle, such as a forklift, that has gone out of control. In our latest blog, read more about why pallet racking protection barriers, in particular, are so vital.

Warehouses are normally busy and hazardous places where many vehicles, pedestrians and a lot of equipment and stock might be present at any one time. As such, it’s important to mark out what can go where and put deterrents in place to reduce the likelihood of collision, damage and resultant cost.

Many warehouse managers know that it’s a sensible idea to install warehouse safety barriers in a fast moving warehouse and lower the chances of costly damage to shelving, racking, machinery and equipment.

Make warehouses safer by installing pallet racking protection barriers

Warehouse racking is an excellent way to maximise space, by offering the ability to store high volumes of goods in a small area. As such this important racking must be protected.

Pallet racking protection barriers are an excellent way to prevent damage from a collision and protect the health and safety of warehouse staff, should any of the racking or equipment fall when that collision takes place.

Made of heavy duty, corrugated steel, pallet racking protection barriers offer a non intrusive and simple, yet solid, highly visible, solution which will help protect racks, not only from damage, but also from everyday wear and tear, scuffs and scrapes.

They can lower the chance of a racking system collapse which might lead to injury and fatalities, as well as the costly loss of stock. Even pipes and cables can be protected from the damage that can be caused.

In addition, column protectors are available, which prevent an out of control vehicle from colliding with a supporting column which is part of the structure of the building and may compromise its safety and integrity.

The construction of pallet racking protection barriers

At Armco Direct, our pallet racking protection barriers are galvanised to BS EN 1461 and made from 100% recyclable steel. They are constructed specifically to deflect wayward vehicles, staying firmly in place to protect the racking system that lies behind them.

They are ideal for use in areas where there are a lot of forklifts moving near to the racking, can ward off close calls, stand firm against collision and they come in high and low level risk options.

Pallet racking protection barriers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes too, all of which are designed to be clearly seen from some distance away.

This means that even a collision becomes unlikely, because they act as a highly visible deterrent to vehicle drivers, as well as offering solid and sturdy protection should impact occur.

Work Out Your Protection Barrier Requirements With Our Free Calculator

If you are looking to install warehouse pallet racking protection barriers, calculating exactly what you need for the job has never been easier, thanks to our free online calculator.

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