The Definitive Guide To Armco Barriers

The Definitive Guide To Armco Barriers

Armco barriers are an excellent way of offering maximum protection to pedestrians, buildings, and expensive machinery against the impact that an out of control vehicle can cause.

When you install an Armco barrier in a warehouse, car park, shop front, pedestrianised area or side of a private road, you know that no moving vehicle is getting past it, no matter how hard it tries. And in this day and age, that means a great deal of peace of mind.

At Armco Direct, we have a wide variety of galvanised steel Armco crash barriers and other protection products available, ensuring whatever needs to be protected, will be, regardless of the situation.

What’s more, our crash barrier products extend to bollards, as well as column and conveyor belt protection, so whatever your safety issue, it’s well and truly covered.

We have Armco Barriers stocked and ready to ship, can quote in seconds and deliver within 48 hours – faster if necessary. Be protected. Order your Armco Barriers today.

Safety In Mind 

When an accident happens, it can have catastrophic consequences for any business, whether it involves damage to stock, machinery, or injury to the workforce. Not only does having Armco barriers installed in places of work, such as factories and warehouses, stop those accidents from happening, but the protection they offer makes them an absolute must for Health & Safety inspections. In these strange and unusual times, that’s not only because they will prevent out of control vehicles from colliding with the workforce. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for Armco Barriers, as a jump in online shopping has not only meant that more stock has to be housed on the premises (and protected). Factory workforces are bigger and busier than ever. This means that Armco barriers can be used to create one way systems that increase efficiency and productivity – and keep people separate to prevent the spread of the virus.

If segregating your workforce and making your processes more efficient is high up on your busy agenda, then Armco Barriers could be the solution. Calculate your Armco Barrier requirements using our free online calculator and find the exact list of products you need in seconds.

How Do Crash Barriers Help Road Safety?

Crash barriers and bollards can be used in many circumstances, such as to protect pedestrians or workers in a warehouse environment, ward off ram raiders or protect an important building, shelving, loading area or monument.

A great way to illustrate how Armco crash barriers help road safety is to look at their use on private roads, such as in car parks, or multi storeys. It’s when you think of it this way that you can see how close pedestrians come to moving traffic and how vital it is to keep them separate.

Whether a vehicle is out of control, or moving slowly, but the driver has been unaware, any collision between pedestrians and a moving vehicle can have deadly consequences.

Instead of allowing a collision, crash barriers will allow the wayward vehicle to travel along their length, instead of breaking through to the other side.

Real World Application

Workplace Car Parks

Workplace Transport Safety – Car Parking

In a workplace environment, workers will often be moving near to vehicles in motion, in order to get to the workplace from the car park, or make their way home. However, this can be avoided by installing workplace car park crash barrier protection.

According to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there are over 5000 accidents involving transport in the workplace each year. About 50 of these result in people being killed (

In private car parks, the main causes of injury are people falling off vehicles, such as motorbikes and bicycles, or pedestrians being struck or crushed by vehicles as they walk past.

Accidents in workplace car parks can be avoided when crash barriers are installed to keep pedestrians and parked cars away from moving vehicles and a proper risk assessment should first be carried out, in order to assess the exact risk..


In warehouses, the risks of damage from moving vehicles becomes arguably more severe, as now the use of forklifts and other small vehicles needs to be factored into the equation. In addition, warehouses will often see movement from a lot of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) which again should be able to manoeuvre safely, without the risk of collision and damage.

Often the reasons behind accidents and collisions which occur in a warehouse, are down to lack of risk awareness and wayward vehicles straying into places where they shouldn’t be. This is instantly preempted and avoided when putting warehouse safety barriers in place.

Forklift Protection 

When a forklift truck collides with workers, machinery, shelving or equipment in a warehouse environment, it can cause unwanted issues ranging from high cost of repairs and loss of stock, to serious injury, loss of life and subsequent legal action.

Having forklift protection installed, such as warehouse barriers to clearly define areas where heavy machinery is allowed, shows you have consciously tried to minimise the chance of any accidents or damage occurring.

Forklift protection in the form of Armco crash barriers can withstand all sorts of impact from heavy machinery and give warehouse management teams peace of mind that important equipment and personnel are in safe hands.

Galvanised steel Armco barriers can easily safeguard end of pallet racking aisles, picking aisles and wall structures, withstanding all manner of tremendous impacts, and ensuring the continued wellbeing of the products and people they protect.


Another industry where Armco crash barrier protection can be installed to excellent effect is in agriculture.

The uses for Armco barriers in agriculture can include the following:

  • Protect buildings/ machinery/ people/ animals from wayward vehicles or other animals
  • To segregate and contain livestock
  • A solution that is resistant to corrosive outdoor weather conditions
  • To contain larger animals, where fencing might not be as effective

Armco barriers can be customised to meet all kinds of applications, which makes them incredibly useful when being installed in and around farms and other agricultural arenas. Armco barrier protection is also cost effective, which comes in useful when protecting large areas.

Whatever your industry, we have Armco Barriers stocked and ready to ship all over the UK. Get a quote in seconds using our online Armco Barrier Calculator and we can deliver within 48 hours. If you need them even faster than this we can deliver Armco Barriers to you quicker, if necessary. 

Remember, the installation of Armco barriers can prevent accidents from occuring in the workplace, by protecting the following: 

  • Workforce
  • Equipment 
  • Machinery 
  • Shelving 
  • Racking 
  • Stock 
  • Building Structure 
  • Livestock 

Be protected. Order your Armco Barriers today for delivery in as little as 48-hours or less.

Additional Information

How are Armco Barriers made?

Why You Need Industrial Safety Barriers

Armco barriers are designed to give the ultimate in solid and sturdy protection. In order to achieve this, they must be manufactured to the highest levels of quality. When Armco barriers are made there are industry standards which must be adhered to (specifically BS 4872 standards), which ensure their effectiveness.

After the barriers themselves have been constructed from the toughest steel, they are galvanised to BS 1461 standards. This means that the structure of the Armco barrier will not be weakened by exposure to the outside elements, but it will increase its lifespan too. Find out more about how Armco barriers are made in our handy blog.

What are the different Armco Barrier Heights?

Armco barrier heights can be customised to be the correct height and size to ward off the serious effects of a heavy impact.

We have four different heights of barrier available:

  • 560mm high – these are used internally, in buildings such as warehouses, to protect from forklifts and vehicles with low ground clearance.
  • 610mm high – the industry standard height beam, which can be used in places such as car parks to protect against SUVs and other vehicles.
  • 760mm high – to protect against impact from HGVs, in places such as lorry yards and other areas where there are big vehicles.
  • 1100mm high – again to resist impact from HGVs, these can be used to protect fuel tanks, water tanks on building sites and offer extra protection as double barriers.

Curved Armco Barriers Measuring The Radius

At Armco Direct, we can create all kinds of curved Armco barriers to meet your requirements, depending on the radius of the road.

The radius can be calculated by measuring the width and height of the curve. Find out more in our article about curved Armco barriers and measuring the radius.

Use our Armco Barrier calculator

Get a free calculation of your Armco Barrier requirements quickly and easily, using our online Armco Barrier calculator

And, if you have any questions about the range of Armco barrier protection that we provide, get in touch  with a member of our team today.